Hello Sir, Have You Ever Used A Man Pt 3

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I pulled his immense cock out and swallowed him with real passion and gratitude. He was soon throbbing in my mouth but he pushed me away. “The next time you disobey me I’ll tie you down and take a whip to your sorry arse until you pass out!”

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Meet at his office in the city. Suck him off under his desk while he talks on phone and has discussion with secretary. Sing contract to be his slut.

The call came on Tuesday just after I’d got in from work. Malcolm said to meet at 11o’clock sharp the next day. He gave the address of am office, his office, he was successful it was on an upper floor of a city block! I was told to, “Wear a business suit with silk panties, suspenders and stockings underneath. The dong is to be where it now lives!”

If I was late at all I’d suffer.

At 11:01 I turned up as ordered. The secretary nodded to me when I said I had an appointment, apparently I was expected. She buzzed through to Mr Janus, Malcolm. He says you’re late and you’ll have to wait. I sat on the lounge provided. After about fifteen minutes Mr Janus would see me and I was ushered through into his office.

He sat behind a large desk and stated we weren’t to be disturbed for the next 45 minutes.

I stood before the desk and waited until the door had closed and Malcolm spoke to me.

“You were late and I’d told you you’d suffer if you were late. Did you do it on purpose?” he asked

“Yes sir.” I replied. I’d never called him sir but it seemed right given the environment.

“I see!” he said, “Right strip down to your girly things and go through that door. Take a hold of the edge of the conference table and wait.”

I quickly shed my outer clothing and folded it up placing it upon his desk before going through the door indicated into a large conference room. The table was a long wooden affair with chairs all around it except for one space at the foot of the table opposite the door I’d entered through.

I grasped the edge of the table and stood there, waiting.

Soon I heard the door open and then close and could sense someone close behind me. It was Malcolm and he whispered menacingly in my ear, “You are a cheap slut. You need what you’re going to get and you’re going to get it regularly.”

With that he pushed me down against the table top so my arse was exposed. “Don’t you dare make a sound or let go of that table or I’ll take the hide off you!” He warned.

With that he pulled my panties down and stroked my exposed cheeks.

“After I’ve finished you might not want to sit down!”

Then he hit me, first on one cheek and then the other with a steel ruler. He beat my cheeks until I was gasping for air, tears were streaming down my face and I was close to screaming in agony.

For ten minutes the steady swish of thew ruler was followed by the cutting pain of steel against exposed and soon raw flesh. The dong was causing my guts to churn as I spasmed with each blow and even though I was soon most contrite my cock against all previous experience had become as hard as a rock.

Malcolm stopped and had me turn around. “Down on your knees slut.” He commanded. “Get it out and show me your gratitude for your correction.”

Through the snot and tears of my pain I pulled his immense cock out and swallowed him with real passion and gratitude. He was soon throbbing in my mouth but he pushed me away. “The next time you disobey me I’ll tie you down and take a whip to your sorry arse until you pass out!”

He turned around and walked through the door back to his office. “Get in here and earn your keep.” He ordered.

He was again seated behind his huge desk. “Get around here on your knees and swallow.”

I quickly slipped around the desk and under it as indicated. His trousers were open and his cock and balls were out in the open. As I sucked him into my mouth, licking my way towards his balls the phone rang.

“Don’t stop until I say so.” He warned.

I continued to gobble away at his fantastic cock. I was soon pushing my nose towards his pubes as he discussed personal issues on the telephone. Apparently Dave from the other night was on the other end of the line and he gave him a blow by blow description of what I was doing.

As he approached climax he placed one hand on the back of my head and forced me down to the base of his cock unable to move at all.

“Use your tongue you cheap faggot!”

I slid my tongue all over the underside of his cock and tried to ignore my straining throat and burning lungs as he began to throb and then spasmed in orgasm shooting his large load into my belly. In a private place he made more noise than ever before as he unloaded deep into me.

He hung up from Dave and pushed me away for a while.


“I’ve got some letters to dictate. You stay put.”

He summoned his secretary, Jane and had her come in to take some notes. As he sat there and dictated a series of business letters and such I gently licked his balls and then the growing length of his cock as it recovered its hardness.

I remembered my clothing sitting on his desk and wondered what the secretary thought but was brought back to reality when his hand guided me to suck him deeply once again. The desk was big but Jane must have been able to tell what was going on. She must have known I was sucking off her boss while she was present!

Eventually he’d finished his letters and dismissed her.

“She’ll tell everyone what she’s just witnessed and they’ll all know what you are as you leave!”

“Now over the desk slut.”

I bent over the desk and Malcolm dropped his trousers to the floor. He stepped between my thighs and pulled the dong out placing it before my lips. “Your gag I believe.”

I placed my lips around the gooey rubber only to have him force my head down on it as he pushed his cock up my arse. He wasn’t slow at fucking; he just ploughed into my open hole to relieve himself as quickly as possible. Given the load I already had in my belly this took about twenty minutes and I was a sore pussy by the time he groaned and pumped his second load deep into my belly. I’d left a precum stain all over his desk and he made me lick it up while he recovered and watched. When he was satisfaied with the job I’d done he had me sit at his feet while he read from a paper he held.

I was to sign this contract. It gave him and the other four complete rights over the use, abuse and profit from my body. At any time I was to make myself available for anything they wished with anyone or anything they wished. Any fees from the provision of my services would be theirs. In return I would be provided with a house and all the means of living to do with as I wished as long as I was their slut whenever, wherever, however they wished.

If I was to agree I had to sign it and have it witnessed by his secretary. I’d then provide a sample of my body to prove the authenticity of the signature. I agreed but was worried by the last point.

Malcolm assured me, “I’ll fist fuck you to orgasm over the page and your semen will do nicely. Jane will film it and provide witness. If you agree go into the Conference room and get on all fours on the edge of the table where I beat you.”

I assumed the required position in near record time. He was still chuckling when he entered the room with Jane. She seemed a little shocked but she was reassured by him and was soon watching through the camera lens as I was signing my name.

Malcolm looked directly at the camera, “This faggot slut has just signed over his body to a consortium I lead. He will now, with my help produce a tissue sample to seal the deal after which he will become the property of the consortium.”

I spread my knees wide to allow Malcolm easy access to my arse and tried to relax my hole. I heard him spit on his fingers and then press the tips of four against my hole. I was lubed and slack and very quickly he had all four as far up me as possible. Jane moved around to get a good shot of his actual fist penetrating me. He pushed his thumb up alongside his other fingers and with barely a pause forced his whole hand inside my body.

I groaned and thanked him profusely and then he began to fist fuck my hole. He punch fucked in and out making me strain against him to keep my drooling cock over the signature. Soon I was gabbling obscenities and begging him to, “Make me your bitch, make ME SHOOT!”

He punched one more time this time forcing his arm up past the wrist as he screwed it into me. I screamed and my balls felt as if they were climbing up the center of my cock. Semen dribbled onto the page and I knelt on all fours shivering and trembling as orgasms racked my body. I’d never had multiple anal orgasms but wanted as many as I could get after the contact signing!

Jane signed through my cum and then turned off the camera. Malcolm pulled his fist from my hole and let me see how he’d been able to get about three inches past the wrist. “Eventually you’ll take it past the elbow!” He bragged

I shivered with anticipation, lust and fear in equal amounts.

After I’d licked his hand and wrist clean he had me dress and leave. The dong was again in its place and I was again in my business suit. Jane smiled while shaking her head as I left.

I was now property, but wealthy property and I was going to be well fucked property. For a faggot slut like me that’s just about heaven.

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