Married Man Becomes A Pig Pt 3

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"I, Peter Johnson, do hereby confirm that I am of sound mind and body and without any form of duress. That I willingly relinquish complete control of my faculties and give my consent to any degree of or form taken in regards to the following activities:

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The agreement pt 2

"Don't worry though, it won't be going out on the net to be freely accessed by just anyone," the Master's assurance came as a wave of relief.

I almost felt bashful as he seemingly suppressed a laugh knowing that he'd had me going for a few seconds.

"This will just be films for a hand-selected few special clients with highly developed palates for the unique taste of fetish I love to bring out of my sluts and put on display."

Though there was the clamor of alarm bells clanging madly in my head, it was all but drowned out by the even louder raging pulse of my hormones and the extended use of poppers.

Steve returned dropping the red handkerchief onto the pile.

"Excellent. Now we can get onto the one formality of our night," Master pointed at the camera I had not looked at earlier, it was off to the side on the table he sat at and had probably been recording the entire time, as well.

My eyes looked at it as he spoke. "You will need to state that you are of sound mind and body, giving your willing consent to participate in every act as you described for each hanky you have chosen."

"As such, you are also relinquishing any legal rights to object to me going as far as I care to within the bounds of any and all sexual acts previously described until the end of our session. Do you understand slut?"

"Yes, Master." So basically I could not cry rape later, at least he was thorough.

"Then give your consent in full, using your full name for the record, and detail all the fetishes of the hankies you have chosen."

I took in a deep and full breath, holding it for just a moment.

The pause before the plunge.

"I, Peter Johnson, do hereby confirm that I am of sound mind and body and without any form of duress. That I willingly relinquish complete control of my faculties and give my consent to any degree of or form taken in regards to the following activities: to be trained as a cocksucker, to be used as a latex fetish slut, to be restrained in bondage whilst I am trained in any and all other sexual acts I have chosen. Also to be taken anally repeatedly with cocks, dildos, or anything other object the Master designates." I took another deep breath.

"I agree to be a white slut faggot for Black Masters, to be forced to drink piss and cum in any amount as Master commands and for all these activities to be recorded for Master's pleasure and at his discretion. Even should I beg Master to stop, it will not negate the fact I have relinquished any and all rights to object and cannot revoke this standing testament I hereby enact."

It was a marvel I could sound so well-spoken and coherent because I was far too high and horned up to even contemplate disagreeing. It was just all good fun at this point and he was probably putting on a show for me, making it sound far more drastic than anything it was going to be.

"Haven't you missed one slut?" Master hinted to me with the not so subtle display of pumping a balled fist into the air while he patted on his well-defined bicep.

"I, Peter Johnson, also consent to being trained as a fisting slut for and by Master S." I uttered this last one with real trepidation, real fear of the thought of having his fist in me.

"Now that we have taken care of the 'business' end of things, I will have Steve take you to get prepared for the coming escapades. However, I want you to undress fully so I can inspect you and choose your treatments." That sounded innocuous enough. Treatments brought to mind the imagery of a spa treatment but if I had to hazard a guess I was fairly certain that was not what he was referring to.

By now I had agreed to so much and I was practically on autopilot and did not even question his order. I simply stood and removed my shirt, then folded it up. Taking my phone and wallet I placed them on Master's table next to the pile of handkerchiefs and the butt plug.

I removed my shoes and socks before the almost imperceptible creeping of the all-too-familiar nerves found its way back into my mind. Somewhat hesitantly I undid my belt, dropped my jeans, and folded them before taking a moment to consciously take in a breath. It was only when my briefs were down that the absolute and stark humiliation washed over me.

The constant poppers I was fed not only got me high but had the added consequence of shrinking my erection to nothing. They always had this effect on me when I had a lot of poppers. My cock was flaccid, small.

This was unbearably embarrassing. For the first time through the whole process the fact I hardly had anything I could call abs and carried a few too many pounds hit home. Head bowed and naked before Master S I had to consider the desolate possibility he may not want me now that he saw me laid bare.

"As we thought Steve," the Master addressed the other man as though I was not there, "not well endowed. That'll make him perfect for the Birdlocked mini-cage. He'll need milking of course. Don't waste any, though I want him to have his protein. The short gag should be perfect for him to feed from while he's being cleaned out. Is the Birdlocked-mini still the smallest we have?"

Before Steve could reply Master S continued commandingly "Although I'm not sure you'll be able to get him into it. I know the ring is pretty small in diameter compared to his balls size."

My knees threatened to buckle beneath the mounting weight of humiliation he piled on me. Worst of all was that hearing about what I could only presume to be a cock cage, was having the unforeseen effect of slowly but surely make my cock erect.

Once a TV Mistress had forced me into one and it did acutely amplify the humiliation, making me realize that my only pleasure ought to come from pleasing Dominants while giving them access to my mouth and ass pussy. Her forcing my erect cock into the cage also hurt like hell. As I was lost in my reveries Steve looked down at my growing cock.

"He's not that small Master, and we have this new item in stock that is even shorter than the Birdlocked you mentioned," Steve casually spoke as he leaned against a wall

"The feature I think you'll enjoy most is the good sized urethral sound that comes with it. It's also made of metal, I think you'll prefer the way it looks and the intensity of stimulation it will give our slut here. There's even the added advantage, that you can use heat or cold on the metal as you see fit."

"His growing cocklet will help me with milking and I'll thoroughly enjoy forcing it down in size if that's OK with you Master. I have to admit his cock is not quite as small as I thought, the smallest cage we have will be sufficient for making his cock into a piggie clit for the clients."

"All you'll see is his shaved big balls and the cock head - which will fill the cage completely. The rest of his cock will be tucked inside his body completely confined." Steve had now walked forward regarding Master S and stroked my cock to full hardness.

"That sounds ideal Steve, I can't wait to see him in it. I want him completely cleaned. Deeply. I want him completely hairless from the neck down. Start the widening exercises after you've had him cleaned out and empty his bladder too so he can have a drink as the cleaning takes place. We wouldn't want him thirsty now would we?" The familiar laughter colored with dark perverse intentions came from the Master

"I also want you to pay some serious attention to his nipples. Every pig needs a pair of big teats to torture. Work them to give as much volume as possible. His tits as well as his nipples. As for the sounding coat the metal well to help him feel it. Obviously, I want him completely topped up with his slut juice as well. Nice and high for me - ready to get down and dirty."

"Steve take this excuse for a man away and bring me back a pink, smooth, fed, watered, wide open, caged, big nippled piggie."

"Wow Master! You want the whole hog straight away?" Steve questioned uncharacteristically.

"Might that be too much for him to take?" Steve seemed almost concerned.

"Steve," Master S assured him firmly but in a patient and measured tone, "I've advertised this weekend as a complete pig fest. The more prepared he is...the more he'll please. Now get on with it."

I could barely follow what was going on. Between the poppers and my cock being stroked, I felt I was nearing the point of no return but as Steve had said, before I stepped through the door to the Master's room I had long since passed the point of no return.

The main points I had taken from Masters instructions was no hair from neck down. All I can hope is that it grows back quickly. It also sounded like I was going to get a taste of my own piss, which I always enjoyed especially when I was force fed it. I was not sure about his comment about the urethral sound and did not have much experience with them. How bad could it be? As Steve gave my cock a particularly hard pull I moaned in pleasure and almost grunted as he pulled the foreskin back with equal force.

"See Steve, this faggot is so desperate for everything we can give him, he's moaning like a whore as we describe the dirtiest depravities. I thought as much as soon as I saw him, the straight married ones are my favourite ones to train."

Master S picked up my Samsung phone from the desk and held it out. Steve held my hand and pushed my thumb onto the home button. I didn't try to stop him or even mentally register this,while he still had my cock in his hand. The thumbprint opened the phone to the home page.

"Take him away and I'll see you in the dungeon in an hour." His word was final as he turned seemingly ready to leave, but I was not sure where he would go from here.

"That will be perfect Master, I can do a very thorough job in an hour on this slut." Replied Steve.

"As can I now this phone is opened" came the reply from Master S.

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