Married Man Becomes A Pig Pt 4

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My cock stood rigid to attention as hard as it had ever been. My mind wandered back to the thought of Steve trying to constrain it inside a cock cage.

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Steve pulled me by my cock and I followed him like an obedient puppy.

“I told you I’d see a lot of you slut. Now it’s time for me to explore every nook and cranny of you as we prepare you for Master S,” Steve said with a notable mirth to his words

“I think you’ll like that… well some of it anyway.”

It had been more than a few minutes since my last indulgence of poppers which had allowed the haze in my brain to clear. I was almost surprised to find myself completely unworried about the implied discomfort. The things Master S had described had sounded wonderfully kinky, at least the ones I remembered anyway.

I almost felt disappointed that Steve possibly doubted my resolve. Later I would come to find just how misplaced my competitive spirit was at that moment. It was the on-going theme of the entire affair, my absolute naivety at just what could happen and how much more serious it could be than my wildest fantasies, I didn’t know it but I was well out of my depth.

Steve pushed open another door leading to a large white-tiled wash room with a bewildering array of equipment made of stainless steel. There was a wide range of butt plugs and dildos lined up in size order on a shelf, the smallest appeared to be the same size as the one I’d chosen to purchase, the biggest one was immense. In a side room sat what I thought was a fucking-machine, and also a Sybian machine (like the ones I’d seen in porn films.) Fuck! They had everything here.

Placed in the far left corner of the room we were more stainless steel shelves packed with lubricants, soaps, razors, and all manner of other toiletries. The back wall had floor-to-ceiling stainless steel cupboards. I had died and gone to sub-heaven, everything seemed truly possible.

There were multiple side rooms I came to realize but Steve took me to one on the right with a shower area and a large drain. There was a contraption that looked like a horse saddle on a stand with 4 legs. I half-expected to see an enema bag hanging there but instead there was a hose hooked straight into the wall. There was a silver LED panel on the wall with a variety of knobs and buttons.

There were all sorts of other stainless steel attachments and holes in the wall for God only knows what. I also noticed a camera perched in each of the corners blinked away to show they were recording. A number of attachment points and D rings set into the ceiling, floor and walls would allow subs to be restrained in any possible position.

The I noticed the lower cameras aimed at the enema saddle from a height just below – there to record the enema action close up so that the subs ass pussy was clearly visible in the shot.

“Well, you no doubt recognize the enema machine slut, but you’ve probably not seen one quite like this,” Steve proclaimed proudly

“Master S had it specially made to his specifications.”

“It looks amazing,” was the only response I could muster.

“Right. Time to get you prepped. First, I think we need to sort out keeping your slut juice topped up as Master S instructed. This will ensure you’re not seeing what’s happening but you’ll hear everything I say,” Steve informed me

“Stand facing the wall next to the enema horse with your eyes closed. Stay there until I move you.” I simply did as I was told as Steve walked to the cupboards.

He came back with a small table which he set down beside me. Back to the cupboard and then he returned and started to pull a face mask over me with straps over the back of my head. The addition of a small cock gag was built into the mask. I automatically opened my mouth to allow the gag.

Steve hadn’t even asked me. What a slut I was.

I stood upright as commanded while he tightened the straps to pull the mask taught over my face. I opened my eyes realizing it was a gas mask of sorts, but now I couldn’t see anything. The glasses were blacked out or covered.

“This is just to allow me to give you a constant, steady, and heavy supply of poppers – or your slut juice as you should now think of it,” Steve told me

“What you’ll be getting through the mask is different from the brown from the bottle. Stronger. We can get you far deeper with this formula and without the headaches or other side effects. Now not having most of those side effects is good news for you, but one – not so much. This formula won’t stop you from getting an erection. Normally that’s good news, but not if you’re in a cock cage. Guess who’ll be wearing one of those.”

I remembered the comments of Master S about the cage and the small size of it with a shudder.

“I won’t stop giving you more slut juice even if you beg, so don’t get too excited and just breathe steadily. Master has instructed me to keep you heavily dosed so that’s what I’ll do.”

“I’m sure you’ve noticed the gag for me to feed you liquids? If you try to block the hole with your tongue I will simply inflate the gag to fill your whole mouth. I don’t think you’ll like that.” I guessed he was referring to force feeding me piss.

Oh Lord, this was getting serious. He turned me to face back into the room and lifted my wrist to put a thick leather cuff on it, which he fastened tightly around it. I heard the snap of a padlock. Lifting my arm up I heard him clip it onto a chain hanging down from the ceiling, the process was repeated on the opposite side. I found myself helpless strung up to the ceiling. My concern still was mixed with total and utter excitement.

My cock stood rigid to attention as hard as it had ever been, so hard in fact it ached. Not having had poppers for some time had helped. My mind wandered back to the thought of Steve trying to constrain it inside a cock cage. I couldn’t even fathom how that could be done in its present turgid state.

Then for the first time I breathed Master S’s special slut juice formula, finding it similar to poppers but with a heady note too.

I breathed in deeply, intensely, loving it, loving the waves of elation that washed over me. The previous times I’d had poppers through a gas mask I remembered as some of the most intense sessions I’d had. I felt like I was floating. My whole body warmed up as if I was in a sauna, any last vestiges of worry melted away. I continued breathing fully and deeply as instructed. As I stood hanging from the ceiling I decided, I would be the best slut I could be. I was free to be a complete whore.

I heard Steve moving around and clicking or screwing things in preparation for what was to come. He held my shoulders and told me to turn and straddle the enema horse, guiding me with his hands. I turned and lifted my leg and straddled the saddle. I heard a release of air and the saddle lowered down about another foot, so that I could feel it touching between my knees.

“Can you guess why I have lowered the saddle on the enema horse slut?”

I nodded.

“I thought you’d guess being the depraved little slut you are, but let me explain in detail as you continue to feast on your slut juice. I have just attached a two inch diameter enema nozzle”

“When I say it’s 2 inches in diameter I mean that for the full 6 inches of length of it, it is 2 inches wide. The length is to ensure that the water is in very deep to clean your hole fully for Master. It will really fill you and then your hole will close onto the neck which is only ¾ of an inch wide as I want a very good seal.”

“The major advantage of the saddle is that once you are impaled on the nozzle, I can raise it back up pneumatically lifting your feet off the floor so that your weight on the enema nozzle and saddle will make a perfect seal.” He almost chuckled as he shared this piece of knowledge.

“Even if you try to expel in desperation as I fill you, you won’t be able to expel more than a few drops until I lower you and unplug you. Nod if you understand, oh before you do, one last thing if you dare to try to expel before I give you permission I will fill you even further, now nod if you understand slut.” Steve was in his serious mood again.

I nodded my hooded head and breathed in as though it were perfume. Steve moved my hips back and then I felt a cold lubed finger from behind me tracing down my pussy crack to my hole and then gently opening my hole and pushing into ass pussy. Groaning into the mask, I tilted my pelvis backwards to give more access to my hole. I had no idea how long had passed since this whole adventure started but finally I was getting some action on my ass pussy. I moaned like a $10 whore desperate for some crack.

“That’s it slut, now the fun really starts, let’s get you nicely lubed up and then I can prepare the rest of you, time is ticking by.” Steve worked his finger in deep and then pulled it out, then two fingers rotating and opening.

When he pulled those out, I moaned at the empty feeling inside my hole, I so wanted to be filled completely. Steve posed me in order to place a plug at my teased opened hole, just the head barely pushing and opening my sphincter..

“Now you know the drill slut, breathe, hold, then pretend you are shitting. Don’t worry if you do actually shit a little I’ll simply shower you off,” Steve instructed as though it was just another day in the park.

“We haven’t worked to open you up at all for this and it is quite large, so breathe and hold then pretend you are shitting as you lower down onto it, don’t worry if you do shit a little I’ll simply shower you off.” His instructions were so matter of fact, as though nothing was out of the ordinary

I did as I was told taking on a massive hit of juice and pushing out as I pushed down, thank goodness nothing came out, at least I didn’t feel anything other than the monster enema plug making its way inexorably inch by glorious inch into my ass. As I lowered down taking in the first few inches my ass opened wide as if to welcome the plug, fuck the slut juice must be good, I’d never been relaxed enough to take something of this size without first working my way up to it.

I was just savoring the moment, staying where I was with 3 inches inside me, just loving the feeling of fullness for a moment, when I felt Steve’s hand holding my shoulder and pressing down, my knees were holding me where I was on the plug until I felt the saddle rising, Steve must be doing it automatically, I couldn’t even control how fast it went in.

The saddle rose in a second and the plug slammed into me, I gasped into the mask and shouted fuccccckkkk as my feet were lifted from the floor. With me feeling as high as I could on the beautiful slut juice the pain wasn’t as bad as it would normally have been.

The plug although not the widest I had taken, was the same width for the whole six inches and the volume of it made me feel completely and overwhelmingly full. As my ass pussy made it over the bulb and clenched onto the smaller neck I felt totally full and satiated, little did I know that this was far from the most full feeling I’d have in the next 2 hours let alone the next two days.

“Quiet slut unless you want that gag inflated sooner than planned.” Steve admonished, I ceased my shouting.

I then felt cuffs going on my ankles and then they were clipped D rings by the base of the legs of the horse and felt the chains being tightened so that my legs were at full stretch pulling me down hard on the saddle creating the seal Steve spoke about. The chains attached to my wrists were then also tightened so that I was stretched from floor to ceiling.

“You look like a very kinky, strange cowboy riding your invisible horse.” Now things were really surreal.

“Time for you to be filled up slut.” I felt the flow of warm water into my bowels through the holes at the top of the plug, as always, initially it just felt pleasant. I knew the cramps would follow, especially if Steve really was going to fill me with a lot of water.

The flow of water was nice and slow, so I just concentrating on breathing in more slut juice to keep myself high. I was incapable of coherent thought, simply couldn’t process what might happen to me. I’d also lost track of time and had no notion that I’d only been in the shop for less than an hour and a half and so much had happened. If I’d realized that another 48 more hours of use and abuse lay ahead of me, I would have been frightened rather than in the sub slut heaven I was languishing in.